Media training : « Create an authentic and captivating video »

Media training à distance entre Oslo et Paris avec Carolyn Carmignac de Network for Work qui a su libérer sa spontanéité et exprimer toute son authenticité face caméra ! 


« In order to create short but effective tutorials for our company Network for Work, we needed to create videos that deliver content in an entertaining, yet motivational and informative way. A challenge that we did not manage to overcome ourselves and we therefore hired Stéphanie for the creation of our first video. I was hoping for some tips and tricks on how to manage my stiffness and discomfort in front of the camera. Instead of plain tips, Stéphanie made me discover how much I could enjoy the process. She made me connect with my message and my inner voice. The result is an authentic and captivating video and I’m highly motivated to keep on working with this format. Stéphanie is very intuitive and perceptive. She reads her clients quickly and knows how to pull the inner speaker out of them. » Carolyn Carmignac


> En savoir plus : Formation « OSER FACE CAMÉRA »

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